Amsys is an Eve Online Buyback program for any size of organization, from Alliance to Corporation or even an aspiring merchant. Amsys allows members to sell game items to you for a market price of your choice, minus your cut of course!


Allow Alliance/Corporation Members or Public users to sell materials to you.


System provides Market details from Eve Central, and prices items based on stats you choose.


Simple documentation/wiki'ish system included for Alliance/Corp bullitens or information.

  • Amsys started out as a Google Spreadsheet in my corp, then evolved to a CakePHP application that allowed Ore to be purchased. Amsys then evolved in to a full fledge system that can buyback any item in game and has slowly added other abilities.

    • Buyback
      • Custom home Market to use for pricing
      • Custom Eve Central Stat to use for pricing
      • Buyback orders can be taxed for corporation cut
      • Price by current market items or by refined value
      • Custom rules to override pricing/refining/taxes
    • Pages
      • Simple WYSIWG page system for corp information
    • Market Research
      • Get EveCentral data from within Amsys
      • See all pricing details for only major trade hubs
    • Quick Profits
      • Show quick details for common Industrial materials (High Sec Ore, Low Sec Ore, Null Sec Ore, Ice, Gas, Minerals and all Planetary Interaction materials)
      • Price/m3 and Price/Can stats to help your Miners make ISK

    * - Items that can be bought and sold on the in game Eve Market

  • As stated, this system is in active development, I will try to keep this list up to date as we develop

    • Personal Transaction History - See past transactions
    • Market Orders - Post a market order to corp so other Members at a Market can bring it back.