Netgear Switch: Debug Password

This one eluded me for some time.  I randomly found the information and saved it for later.

In Netgear switches (well mine, GS724TP) there is a Remote Access option under Troubleshooting.  I enabled this but found no way of accessing it.

It’s a telnet connection on port 60000.

Once you log in you get prompted for a DEBUG password.  Again, this isn’t documented anywhere that I could find.  Here is how you solve that, although the debug commands did me no good anyways.

  1. Turn on Remote Access
  2. Telnet to <switch ip>:60000
  3. You will be prompted for DEBUG password, don’t do anything.  Just sit there staring at the screen.  Eventually it will timeout and present you with a > prompt.
  4. Type in MCLI and use mcli as the password
  5. Type in rlTerminalDebugModePassword
  6. Choose “1”
  7. Enter your desired password, Enter
  8. Enter ‘e’ and then ‘Y’

You should then be able to close the connection and reopen and provide the new DEBUG password and access all debug commands.

I still haven’t figured out which ones to use though.

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