Install PHP Grpc

by Tim Davis on Sep 10, 2018

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y --no-install-recommends install g++ zlib1g-dev
sudo pecl install grpc
sudo docker-php-ext-enable grpc


Fix Linux Mint + Nvidia Screen Tearing

by Tim Davis on Jun 24, 2018

Run this command

nvidia-settings --assign CurrentMetaMode="$(nvidia-settings -q CurrentMetaMode -t|tr '\n' ' '|sed -e 's/.*:: \(.*\)/\1\n/g' -e 's/}/, ForceCompositionPipeline = On}/g')" > /dev/null

Was found on the Linux Mint Forums

***Edit: Turns out this needs to be ran each time the OS boots so create a shell script, chmod +x it and add it to startup.


Eve Online + Linux

by Tim Davis on Jun 16, 2018

Click to read Eve Online + Linux

I recently switched to running 100% Linux for my main Desktop at the house. Since I have moved to pure web based development I've found it convienent to have all my Linux commands and tools. PHPStorm runs 1000% better in my environment now! The biggest downfall is that Eve Online (my poison) does not natively support Linux. To combat this I tried three different variations of getting Eve Online to work, if you only want to see the best working one skip to the 'Native Installer' section.


First .NET Core Web API

by Tim Davis on Apr 05, 2018

Click to read First .NET Core Web API

Even though I love my job, my employer and the people I work with I still watch the trends in the job place. For years I ignored the trend because I was developing stuff for Eve and doing so very quickly using PHP and Symfony.


Symfony 2.8.x to 3.4.x

by Tim Davis on Feb 19, 2018

This post attempts to describe the process I used to upgrade my Symfony 2.8.21 LTS to 3.4.4 LTS. Most of the other information I found resulted in errors that I couldn't seem to resolve so I did it the long and slow method.


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