Eve Online + Linux

by Tim Davis on Jun 16, 2018

I recently switched to running 100% Linux for my main Desktop at the house. Since I have moved to pure web based development I've found it convienent to have all my Linux commands and tools. PHPStorm runs 1000% better in my environment now!

The biggest downfall is that Eve Online (my poison) does not natively support Linux. To combat this I tried three different variations of getting Eve Online to work, if you only want to see the best working one skip to the 'Native Installer' section.

My hardware

  • EVGA Z170 FTW Motherboard
  • Intel Skylake i5-6500
  • 16G EVGA RAM (Don't remember what type)
  • GTX 970 4G
  • Linux Mint 18.3 XFCE Edition

UnOfficial Launcher

Thankfully, CCP Snorlax created an 'Unofficial' Linux launcher that prepackages all the needed requirements to run Eve Online with Wine. This can be found on the official Eve Forums.

This launcher is easy to install but is sometimes finicky, I got this to work straight out of the box on my install.

The I had was FPS, running on Medium Textures, No AA, DX9, High on the other settings w/Resource Cache enabled I would spike to 60fps but with about 15 other ships around I would plummet to low 30s.

Gharim Turen Installer

A crafty user by the name of Gharim Turen on the Eve Forums created a great installer that will setup some system files/shortcuts and other misc settings for you so that Eve will run with your own installed version of Wine. This method also worked out of the box but does require you to have wine and winetricks installed already.

At the time I had installed the latest stable wine from WineHQ which was 3.0.1.

I experienced the same poor FPS performance here as well. As I later learned this is not due to any particular installation method but due to wine itself.

Native Installer

At the advice of a friend I upgraded to the latest wine-dev, version 3.10. I also installed the launcher using CCP's own EveLauncher_#####.exe file from their website.

As I said, the poor performance was due to wine itself. After I wrote most of this article I went back and used the 'Gharim Turn' launcher and I get the same steady FPS. I will still document the native install just in case we ever loose the hard work of Gharim Turen.

How to install using Native Installer

Install wine

  1. Install latest wine-dev according to your distro specific instructions located here (at the time of writing this is 3.10)

Install wintricks

  1. Install winetricks from your package manager of choice

Install wine prerequisites

  1. Run the following commands
    • winetricks corefonts
    • winetricks d3dx9_36
    • winetricks vcrun2005
    • winetricks vcrun2008
    • winetricks vcrun2010

Configure wine

  1. Run winecfg
  2. Click on 'Libraries' tab
  3. From 'New override for library' dropdown, find 'd3d11', click 'Add' and then 'Edit' and select 'Disabled'
  4. From 'New override for library' dropdown, find 'msvcr120' click 'Add' and then 'Edit' ands select 'Builtin (wine)'

Install Eve Launcher

  1. Download the Windows Eve Launcher from Eve Online
  2. Run wine EveLauncher-######.exe
  3. Accept all Defaults

Running Eve!!

  1. I had to use this command the first time to get everything initialized I guess wine explorer /desktop=eveA,1920x1080 "c:\eve\launcher\evelauncher.exe"
  2. That command opens a windows desktop and will start the launcher, let everything do it's business and test logging in.
  3. In the Eve Launcher menu go to Settings, and checkmark use DX9 (more FPS)
  4. Once logged in be sure to enable Resource Cache!
  5. From now on I was able to use this command `wine explorer "c:\eve\launcher\evelauncher.exe"'' to launch Eve.
  6. Or, you can now go back and use the Launcher provided by Gharim Turen.

Thats it, you should be playing now!!!

Keep in mind that this blog is not meant as a full fledged teaching resource, it's mainly used as my brain dump so I don't forget things.

If you find it useful then awesome!