First .NET Core Web API

by Tim Davis on Apr 05, 2018

Even though I love my job, my employer and the people I work with I still watch the trends in the job place. For years I ignored the trend because I was developing stuff for Eve and doing so very quickly using PHP and Symfony.

That time is over. I'm moving back to C# as my main language and getting involved in Web APIs as a backend.

New Project

Starting a new Visual Studio project doesn't seem that hard right? Wrong!

My first project ended as a complete flop. Nothing would install right, nothing would build right, and I can only attribute it to .NET Core 1.1 being on my system instead of .NET Core 2.1.

Staring a new 'Asp.NET Core Web Application' from Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 left me with a project that had a Target Framework of '.NET Core 1.1'. This caused so many headaches and it took me a few days to realize I wasn't running 2.0.

Getting .NET Core 2.0

.NET 2.0 did not ship with Visual Studio 2017 initially, make sure you open Visual Studio 2017 and check for 'Updates'. Once that is complete you should be able to open Project Properties and change Target Framework to .NET Core 2.0.

Start from Scratch

I was not able to successfully convert my project from .NET Core 1.1 to .NET Core 2.0, probably is a way but just start new if you messed it up.

Keep in mind that this blog is not meant as a full fledged teaching resource, it's mainly used as my brain dump so I don't forget things.

If you find it useful then awesome!